William Justice

BA Music, MFA Acting


THE $500

"Many musicians are typically placed at the base of the totem pole. I value you and your effort to create and entertain."

-William Justice, NCTM

The $500 William Justice Music Scholarship

To pursue this scholarship, you must:

I. Fill out this application form and send it to William Justice at will@williamjustice.us

II. Attend college beginning in the Fall of 2021.

III. Send a personal statement describing yourself, your educational ambitions, what music means to you, and how you intend to use the $500 award. (Non-music majors welcome to apply!) Send statement to will@williamjustice.us

IV. Perform one piece of choice on July 17th, 2021 in William Justice's music room located in Dora, Alabama. (Virtual performance to be considered for distant Alabama candidates.) All genres and levels welcome. The performance will be analyzed by William and two accompanying teachers. Winner of the scholarship is to be decided on the same day after careful evaluation of all candidates.